Indefinite error when running yuitest-coverage.jar on JavaScript files

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I am utilizing the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Test Standalone beta (yuitest_1.0.0b1). When I tried to run the yuitest-coverage.jar test coverage implementation on my JavaScript files, I got this message on the console:

line 50:0 no viable alternative at input '}'.

I am trying to implement all documents within a directory.

For what it's worth, I am operating the coverage JAR as a Java ANT task from Eclipse (Helios).

Is there a technique to raise the verbosity of the error messages from the reporting code? Perhaps something that can help me isolate which file the instrument is complaining about? Need your help to solve this error.

Thanks a lot.

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Indefinite error when running yuitest-coverage.jar on JavaScript files


Dear Whopperman

In order to increase the verbosity of the messages, you can use the –v flag to turn on verbose mode which can give you more information about this error and others.

Back to the error you received, this type of errors occurs when the parser finds a pattern that it doesn't anticipate. It may be due to a syntax error in the Java script file or maybe you used a pattern that is not supported by the parser.

After using the verbose mode, try to check the line 50 where you got the error message and make sure that you have no syntax error in this line. Please send be back if this didn't solve your problem.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck

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