If no leased lines available what’s the best connection?

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I’m having a BPO business for 3D Animation. We upload bulk files from US back to Philippines 24/7. We are currently using DSL highest plan because this is the only Telco. we have here. Even if we used the highest plan available, the result still not convincing on it’s uploading and downloading files we can still receive complains of our employee although not so often regarding this slow down issue. Our I.T guys recommends to change DSL to Leased lines in order to create our own path going to U.S. to minimize internet traffic. As an owner although leased lines is very expensive to me for as long as this issue will be resolve to maximize our production, so i’ll go for it. Unfortunately the leased line was served due the area is not capable for this Technology. Since we don’t have a choice is there a way to do it using DSL? Is there a solution here to make our internet faster? How about wireless technology available right now.

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If no leased lines available what’s the best connection?


Hello Kenny,

I will suggest that you try using the Telkom leased line. The Telkom company has its operations based in many countries all over the world, I am not so sure about Philippines but it should be there somehow.

You will just inquire for an orange internet leased line, or if you do not need a superfast internet connection you can use the orange live box for the internet connection. Orange internet is fast, and it should satisfy your client hoping that its services are offered in Philippines too.


Lee Hung

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If no leased lines available what’s the best connection?


Dear Kenny,

You shall use high-speed DSL internet to transfer your bulky business data and the benefits are:

1. It’s not like regular dial-up connection and provides speed of 4 times higher than dial-up connection.

2. DSL will allow you to use voice calls and internet surfing at the same time.

You shall use myDSL services wherein there are three different packages are available – Xpereince (up to 1 MBPS in 999 Pesos per month), Xcite (up to 2 MBPS in 1995 Pesos per month) and Xcel (up to 3 MBPS in 3000 Pesos per month).

You can use Xcite 2 MBPS plan for your business.

I am sure the service provider is available in your area.

For detailed information please check the attached plan.



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