If I press ‘/’ then ‘*’ is displayed and Vice-Versa

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I have encountered an interesting situation with my KeyBoard. When I press '/' on my keyboard '*' gets displayed and when I press '*' then '/' gets displayed. I was stunned with it. Is it a Software problem with my keyboard or any Hardware issue? I need to use Numeric Keypad a lot so this causes error in my Calculations. Please Help.

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If I press ‘/’ then ‘*’ is displayed and Vice-Versa


Hi Ayannahana,

I'm sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation you're facing.

Normally, when the keys are malfunctioning on the keyboard, it is a hardware issue.

In order to properly troubleshoot this issue, you will need to have a spare keyboard handy.

If you do not have a spare keyboard then you will need to borrow or purchase one.


1. Power off the computer.

2. Disconnect the keyboard from the system unit.

3. Connect the spare keyboard to the computer.

4. Power on the computer and test the spare  keyboard.

If your problem is solved, it means your keyboard is faulty.

Thank you

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