I tried to install alx on blackberry

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I tried to install alxon blackberry. I know the software is compatible with my configuration. But it is showing the error message as under. I searched several sites to find a solution. There is no suitable solution. If you have any idea please help me.


This application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded

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I tried to install alx on blackberry



To install an application on your blackberry using the application loader .alx you must first install the application on your computer. Installation varies depending on the application you need to install. an ALX file is not the open that gets installed in your blackberry rather it tells application loader where the real application is located on your computer.

Try these steps to install the file:

  1. Run application loader from blackberry desktop manager a wizard welcome screen will be displayed click on next
  2. Enter your password if any then click next – make sure your blackberry is already connected through USB. the application manager will display the lists of applications already installed in your blackberry
  3. Click add  – this will open the dialog box for the windows file manager you just have to locate the ALX file you want to install then click next
  4. A confirmation screen will be displayed listing the application to be installed
  5. Then click finish to complete the process if there are no errors the application should already be in your phone.

I hope this helps

Thank you

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I tried to install alx on blackberry


You tried to install software files in your blackberry which you are saying are not being properly installed. There you find a error massage saying that your device is not up to date and needs to upgrade. However, i think there might be some problems with your device and device manager in your pc:

1. Your device is not properly connected with pc.

2. The device manager in your pc is not upgraded up to date.

3. The alx file you are intending to install is corrupt.

4. You are trying to open the file by clicking it on the pc.

You should check all these. Make your device manager software up to date and don't open the alx file yourself, just let the manager to install it. For all kinds of installation help on blackberry, you can try this link:

Hope these shall help. Thanks.

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I tried to install alx on blackberry


Try to put the application on your BB using the Java loader. It is a tool for debugging or loading operations on a BB. It usually comes with your BlackBerry JDE or it is bundled with JL_Cmder. To download JL_Cmder, please refer.

In order to use it, you must first download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer.

And then use the code "Java loader -u load myapp.cod".

Hope it works!

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