I need modem dialer dos commands

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Hello friends,

I am using Windows XP on my computer. I want to dial my modem by using DOS commands. I don’t know the method how doing this. Can I access directly any hardware with the help of DOS to Windows XP? I am looking for modem dialer dos commands. Give me instructions in detail. Regards

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I need modem dialer dos commands


The window XP has not any DOS program.It works on NT instead of DOS.Although some DOS commands are there but working is totally different.And one thing more is that the window XP not permits the direct hardware access just as in the case of DOS. You may also require an updated program through which your task can be done easily.

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I need modem dialer dos commands


Hi Mia,

There are several commands that you may want to explore to help you talk to your modem.

AT – to grab your modem’s attention. Your modem’s response to this command should be ‘OK’
ATDT – to dial using touch-tone dialing
ATDP – for dial pulse

Ex: if you want to dial 911-1111, type ATDT9111111 or ATDP9111111

If you will be communicating with another PC at the end of another phone with modem, one of the user should type ATA and the other ATD.

Once you are connected to one computer, you can send data to it as ease. If you will type AT, it will not be considered as command by your modem and it will be sent to the other line. Type +++ to return to command line.

ATH – if you want to hangup.

Hope this helps.

Luis I Adams


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