I keep getting Yahoo error code 5.

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I have a problem with my email. I keep getting “temporary access error” and it gives an error code. The error that I got is “error code 5”. I got this error twice today? I really don’t want to close and restart all over again every time I get this error, especially when I’m in the middle of typing a very long email. Could someone help me out?

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I keep getting Yahoo error code 5.



The Error code 5 could be caused by two things

1. If you have more than one browser or tab opened when you are accessing same Yahoo email account at once.

a. To resolve this one. Try to open only one tab and browser on an account. Limit the number of tabs you open for the same email account

2. This could also happen if you are accessing your Yahoo email through the web and opening an email client configured on the same account. This means that you are going to their website and logging in to check your mails while you also have an email client (i.e. Outlook Express) opened at the time. This particular email client has the same email account with the one that you are accessing through their webmail service.

a. Keep track of the intervals when you are opening your mail through their webmail service and through your email client. Recommended interval should be minimum of 30min. This is just to ensure that we will not be getting the error message again
b. If you also get emails on your mobile phone. Make sure that you don’t open them at the same time as well. Since it will give you same error message
c. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. This is recommended for security reasons as well and should be done regularly

• If the error still persists more than a couple of hours. Please contact Yahoo customer care. It could be a problem on their end.

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I keep getting Yahoo error code 5.


Good day!

  • This error usually occurs when several windows/tabs opened with the same mail account. Try to close down other windows/tabs or minimize using too many windows/tabs when opening you mail account.
  • If that didn't work, you may have other email service which is open on that same mail account you are trying to open using Yahoo mail service in a computer browser. Sign out and close that other email service before trying to login using Yahoo mail service.
  • If that still didn't work then it’s possible that Yahoo, itself, is experiencing problems or they are doing updates, just check out their advisory and try logging back in some other time.


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