I have a simple Windows Media question

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May I ask for your advice please.

I would like to know more about its advantages performance, quality and features with the Windows Media Player?

Is there any difference between AVI Splitters, like Gabest and Microsoft? Is there a difference between AVI Splitters like Haali and MPC internal?

Are these AVI splitters are of importance with the software and hardware of the computer?

Thank you!

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I have a simple Windows Media question


Hallo Leishalynn,

Windows media player might not have been so impressive on the windows platforms like windows XP and the predecessors, but introduction of the latest versions like windows 7 and 8 has seen a major improvement in the functionality of the windows media player application.

The notable features that the windows media player has include speed. Compared to the recent versions, you will not find the latest windows media player refusing to play or taking a lot of time to load a video or a song, for reasons like it is buffering or others. Its speed is good.

It also has the capability to support a wider range of audio and video formats which the predecessors did not offer much; hence one will not need to go looking for other third party players.


Mahesh Babu

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I have a simple Windows Media question



Although windows player has improved its features and presentations on its latest versions of OS like vista win 7 and 8 
I don't recommend using it because its support for media files is very low .

Too bad it wont support the mkv and flv formats 

flv formats are the most used video files currently . Like in YouTube almost all videos are in flv (flash video)

I recommend using klite codec or VLC  , you can download the lates vlc media player from here 


Or you just want the audio files  to be in like a media library and all, iTunes is the best . 
It's just awesome .

Please try those and get amazed .

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