I have a Google translate AdSense questions

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I have a website with an AdSense ad in it. Now, I am planning to use Google Translate. I would like to ask if there is a problem or conflict between the two. If someone clicks to the AdSense ad while using the translate mode, can I still be credited? Please help me understand Google translate AdSense. Thank you.

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I have a Google translate AdSense questions


Hello Samantha Elijahh ,
Hope that my message finds you well.
For me I advise you not to use the automated translation because some text will be like a joke.
The translation will depend on your audience and who use the site and the material.
For me I prefer to put the Ads in English regardless what is the language of the site.
Some people report that while using Google AdSense it will not show/render as expected when using the translator.
About the credit I think that if there is a “publisher-id” in it, you will be credited.
Hope this solution will help.

Kind regards,

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