I forgot my Password of my Wireless Network Please help

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Hi experts, 

I forgot my wireless password to get an access to my wireless network using my Acer Laptop. Is there any way that I can recover it? I already tried several passwords that I could remember but it won’t work. I need help guys! Does resetting my wireless apple router resolve this issue?Please help me


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I forgot my Password of my Wireless Network Please help


Hello Roshval,

One way to recover your password will be to restart the router and go back to setting it as you did at the beginning. You will need to provide new password and configure the router afresh, and this time be careful not to forget the passwords again.

Otherwise you can use a tool/software called WirelessKeyView to get your forgotten password: Just download the software by accessing the link below:


Once the download is complete, unzip the file and run it, and it will instantly provide your WEP key for you.

Let me know if this helps.


Lee Hung

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I forgot my Password of my Wireless Network Please help



Take one standard LAN cable (you should have it included in the box of your router – it looks like on below image).

Connect your laptop to that LAN cable to your wireless router. Now open any browser on your laptop and type in “address” field and press Enter on your keyboard (or see the manual of your router if that address is not accessible).

For a username and password, type both “admin” and press Enter on your keyboard (if that is not accepted, consult the manual of your router to see what are the default username and password)

Now you are logged to your router configuration. Find “wireless” section, and within that section find “security”. There under option “pre-shared key or password” you should see your wireless password.

If you are having trouble to access your router configuration, you can always reset it to its default settings. Take your router, turn it back side and find a little hole (only 1 or 2 mm in diameter). Take a needle, while your router is turned on, and push a needle into that little hole. Hold it for 10 seconds, the lights on your router should change while you are pressing that hole. So now you did reset the settings of your router to fabric, and there shouldn’t be any wireless password set. You can if you wish to set a new password by going through above procedures.

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