I can’t use my iPhone as modem.

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Dear All,

I'm using Apple iPhone 3G. I travel a lot and I always use my iPhone while I'm traveling and I have a internet connection through my sim card. I need to always connect with Internet. This is one of my job requirement.

Thing is iPhone has a very much good display but this is not sufficient for me. The resolution of the iPhone sometimes is not suitable to view any mail and attachment. So, I want to know how can I able to connect my iPhone with a laptop as a modem.

Is there any solution? please help me.

Thanks Sikder

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I can’t use my iPhone as modem.


Hi Sikder,

Hope this works

  • Click the "Settings" icon on your iPhone's menu. The "Settings" menu on the iPhone is located on the page where you placed it; most people place it on the first page of the menu. The icon is gray in color and has cogs as the design.
  • Click the "General" category, which brings you to a screen that contains several subcategories. The "General" category is located toward the bottom of the screen and is marked by the same icon as the "Settings" menu that you clicked earlier. After clicking "General," click the "Network" subcategory.

  • Click "Internet Tethering," and slide the option from "Off" to "On." The gray "Off" icon should turn into a blue "On" icon. This option allows you to activate your iPhone as a modem, which you can then connect to your laptop.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using the cable. A pop-up window will appear asking you to approve the connection. Choose "iPhone," and then click "Apply." Your computer is now connected to the Internet. Keep the USB connection intact to maintain your Internet connection. Turning your phone off may disconnect your computer to the Internet, so make sure it stays on.

  • Launch your web browser to access the Internet. Check your connectivity on the right side of the desktop toolbar if you're using a Windows computer, or the signal icon on the upper-right side if you're using a Mac. If your connectivity is strong, you can continue using the Internet.


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