I am not receiving important calls from my friend.

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I am not receiving calls from one of my Friends. Though I can view missed calls from him in my screen but I am not hearing any call. It seems he is in my Block list. Please let me know how to view rejected list?

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I am not receiving important calls from my friend.



You have not specified about the handset you are using. Well anyways, it seems you may have accidentally added your friends no. in spam/ reject call list. That’s why you are receiving any kind of alert tone about that call and it is going into missed call list silently. Well, it’s very simple to remove any number from the reject call list. I will tell you according to the setting in my android handset but it must be more or less similar for any other cell phone as well. Follow these steps according to your handset:

Go to<< Settings<< My Device.

Go to << Call << Call Settings

Here you can see various options for calls. “Go to Call Rejection” which manages Auto Rejection mode.

Tap over that option. Tap again over “Auto rejection List” which manages auto reject numbers list. Now here you will surely find your friends number. Tap over “check-box” in front of your friend’s number. Tap “delete” button.

This will remove your friend’s number from auto reject list of your phone.

Hope this information will help you. 

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