Display out of range error when playing old games

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I have a PC with Pentium-4 Processor clock speed 2.4 GHz, Ram 512, HDD – 80 GB, integrated display driver Intel ( 256 MB). I use Microsoft XP professional. My problem is when I play old games sometimes my PC restarts automatically and when booting is completed nothing shows on the monitor just a message appear on the screen that “Display out of range”.

Please can anyone solve my problem?

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Display out of range error when playing old games


First check your monitor properties and check for the refresh rate, the location of the setting may depend sometimes on adapter which is installed.

Now start in safe mode by pressing ctrl key at the bootup. Now run system restore by going to Start -> Run -> msconfig -> launch system restore.


Reinstall the graphic drivers whilst in the safe mode.

Also increase of your Video memory and also RAM can be helpful and will be compatible with an gaming console you play. Increasing your VGA memory can also solve your problem permanently.

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Display out of range error when playing old games


Sometimes old games can't be played in new OS. When computer reboots in normal mode in a brand new monitor, then the displayed screen may garbled and start getting this error.

To fix this kind of issue, and the behavior of this will be prevented. A video adapter settings has to be changed and refresh the rate.

Here's how to do it to refresh rate:

  • Turn off and restart your computer, then do F8 to start up menu appears.
  • Press F3 and hit enter key to run safe mode.
  • On the free space in your desktop, right click and properties.
  • Go to Settings, Advanced and Adapter.
  • Click Adapter Default and refresh the rate lst.
  • Hit Ok and restart your computer.

Video Adapter Settings configuration:

  • Do same thing, F8 during the start up, F3 and do run safe mode.
  • On desktop, right click and properties, then click Settings.
  • Go to Advanced, Adapter and Change.
  • Hit next and go to Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, then the driver of your choice needs to be selected.
  • Go Next, select Show all hardware and Start display types has to be click then Manufacturers.
  • Standard Display Adapter and do next button.
  • Hit Yes, Next and Finish and restart your computer.
  • Change the settings to 267 colors and apply, then restart again.
  • After Computer rebooted, Start then Settings and Control Panel and hit System twice.
  • Driver Manager is next, go to View device by type and Display Adapters.
  • Standard Display Adapter and do remove it, OK and install the new updated drivers.

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