How to verify an IP address location

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I wanted to know if there is a way that I can verify a client's IP address.

Another thing is what if he's using a VPN or proxy network? Will it still be possible to track his location? I just wanted to be sure that I wouldn't get scammed again.

Thank you.

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How to verify an IP address location


There is very little possibility to trace through Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy. If it is SOCKS5 servers, probably no external fingerprints can be found in the FTP activity which comes to your FTP server you are using because the SOCKS5 servers strictly follow the principle of "transparency". But other SMTP sometimes has couple of clues.

The only way you can trace something through a proxy/VPN is, at first you have to gain access to the logs kept by that proxy. Which can be done normally by contacting the owner, then by giving them a time and IP that was accessed but you should be aware of Time Zones and then ask them who was connected to you at that time.

Some providers will help you for serious activity. In my concern this is highly unlikely to the tracing of these through VPN/Proxy.

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