How to use Idx to ssa converter for movie subtitles

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Please tell me how to use an Idx to ssa converter. I want to convert my idx based short movies to ssa subtitles. My friend who also makes short animation movies said this is more convenient for the subtitles, that I can use notepad for editing. Also, is it true that I can include information about me (the film maker/author/etc) of the short movies on it?

I still do not know what software I can use to do this. Please give me some suggestions and a few steps on how to use a tool that can do this. 

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How to use Idx to ssa converter for movie subtitles

  • The subtitles must first be stacked into SubResync. Browse the subtitle file by pressing the open button.

    • You'll conjointly have to be compelled to check that to own the proper frame rate nominal. For many NTSC videos from film sources this can be twenty three. 976gpd. For actual NTSC video (from a video camera instead of film) it'll be twenty nine. 97. PAL continuously uses 25fps.
    • You need to do the following task very properly as problems will be created if the task is not done correctly.
  • Now look through the pictures, the time codes of the subtitles will be displayed once you open the file, click on any time code and continue.
  • Now determine the folder and the name of the file. Press save as, the set-up has to be ready for a self-governing agency.
  • After pressing the save button an OCR will be executed by subResync which will highlight the areas where it is not positively working. At the start there must be a lot of questions and difficulties , and fewer as SubResync learns, however, characters look.

    • You will get the current independent agency subtitle file as the OCR method is completed. 
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How to use Idx to ssa converter for movie subtitles



–You can use subtitle converter for convert IDX subtitle in to SSA.

–SSA subtitle can easily editing using the notepad and yes it is true that you can insert the   information about the film maker, author etc., using SSA subtitle.

–Mostly there are lots of subtitle converters available and most famous ones are Subrip and Vobsub.

–You can download Vobsub using the below link

  1. After that you have to install Vobsub into your computer and run it.
  2. To start the converting process select SubResync menu from the application menu.
  3. Then open your subtitle file which you want to convert into SSA file.
  4. You can edit the subtitle file after open it and  timeline panel shows the information about existing subtitles.
  5. Finally after the editing work done, you have to select the destination folder for save your subtitle files into SSA format.
  6. Remember to  select save as type in to SSA

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