How to use Autotyper software

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Where can I download the freeware Autotyper for repeat typing function and how do I install it on my Windows 7 PC? 

I need this program as I type a lot of text files with repeated words and phrases. 

Can someone teach me how to use Autotyper?

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How to use Autotyper software

You can download the auto typer below:
Here are the steps on how to use it:
1. Unzip Auto
2. Open Auto Typer.
3. Press add and this will pop up.
4. Type your message and add the effects that you would like and press add.
5. You will now have your text added and can either add more or adjust the message rate.
6. Simply hit the start button and it will start auto typing for you and press f12 when you want it to stop.
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How to use Autotyper software



You can download the freeware Auto Typer for repeat typing function from the website.

After downloading it, you can then select it and left click it, giving you the option to run among other options, which you should.

The freeware will then be installed and ready for use.

You can get a tutorial on how to use this freeware and more information on installing at the website.

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How to use Autotyper software


There is a much better Auto Typer version than the typical Auto Typer program and I am referring to RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker. Besides an Auto Typer it is also integrated with an Auto Clicker which makes it easy for you to initiate mouse clicks.

To use Auto Clicker, start the program then set your desired speed in seconds and milliseconds. Then after that click Start and then wait for about five seconds. After that your mouse will now click at the rate you specified and it will initiate a mouse click every time you hover your mouse over any link or button.

Pressing F2 on your keyboard will stop Auto Clicker and F1 will start it up again. RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker is also integrated with a calculator and an update button so you can easily update it.

You can download RuneScape Auto Typer and Auto Clicker.

You may also watch “How to use Autotyper: Typing assistant software – video tutorial by TechyV”.


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