How to Upgrade Dell KACE

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Hi There! I would like to upgrade my Dell Kace Appliance (K1000) from 5.5 to version 6.0. There is an Auto upgrade so I just click on it, however I acquired this error message “Can’t Open Output File”. Can you help me on what to do next? Please guide me on how to finish this upgrade. Thank you.

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How to Upgrade Dell KACE


If you want to upgrade your Dell KACE K1000 to version 6.0, your appliance must be on version 5.5.90548 before you can successfully upgrade to version 6.0. You need to be on a supported release before you can make an upgrade. Before upgrading the appliance software, go to “Backup & Restore” then open “Run nightly K1000 Backup script”.

This creates a backup of your files. Once the backup is complete, copy the backup files to a different PC. You may also visit KACE K1000 Appliance Running Backup Script. After that, login to K1000 Administrator interface. In case the Organization component is activated or enabled on the appliance, click on the dropdown list located on the top right corner of the page, select System and then K1000 Settings.

On the other hand, if the Organization component is disabled, click Settings to open the “K1000 Settings: Control Panel” page. Select Server Maintenance tab. In the Automatic Upgrade K1000 section, you will see if there is a new release available. Click Edit Mode and then followed by Upgrade Now. This will apply the update. Remember to not reboot the computer until the program instructs you.

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How to Upgrade Dell KACE



Be sure about the positivity of the requirements stated below, for the updating ,

  • Make sure to take backup of previous version i.e. Of k1000, with  the command from "backup & restore page,                 “Run nightly K1000 Backup script:”
  • You should posses basic minimum required  agents which are 

5.4.10622 , for Windows or Linux

5.5.30275, for Mac.

  • You must have the version K1000 5.5.90548 installed to receive the latest i.e. 6.0 upgrade.
  • You must have free disk space of at least 15%.
  • Turn off if any task interfering between the ongoing process .
  • Avoid Rebooting Manually during the process.
  • SSH in the Security Settings<<Settings must be enabled.

Hope it will help you!!

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