How to setup home network?

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We have 2 computers at home and recently, I bought one for my own use. I want to share and access files from the other 2 computer but I just can't since I wasn't able to network my newly bought computer. So, now how do I setup my home network? I am using Windows XP.

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How to setup home network?


Hello Severino,

To share your computers on your homework successfully, there are some basic but important things that you have to do. First, ensure that you have set the computers on the same work group. This you can check by going to my computer and right clicking on it, and then choose properties. In the message box, click on change, and there you will see the work group of the computer.

Another thing to ensure that you have done is to have shared the folders in the network and sharing center. You should also have turned on the network discovery option and disabled the option for password protected sharing. To access the network and sharing center, click on the network icon and then network and sharing center. Next click on change advanced sharing options, and change the settings as I have already told you.


Lee Hung

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How to setup home network?


You need to activate homegroup networking. After creating a homegroup network, you are required to join the existing network created. This allows you to share files, pictures from other computer connected to the network.

Go to Start, Control Panel
Network and Internet
Click HomeGroup
Then create a Homegroup

After homegroup is created, you need to join the network. click on Join now button and you should be able to join the network. On the process of joining the network, I would suggest to choose libraries as the folder that you want to share.

In this, you are ready to share all pictures, files and documents to the network. When Join now is clicked, you will get a wizard screen that will guide you to the join the network. 

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How to setup home network?



 First off you have to set the Sharing for the folders where you want to have the files shared on both computers. To do this, right click on the folder you’d like to share, choose Sharing and Security. Select Share this folder. You can then set the name of the folder as it will appear on the network. Do this on both computers.

 Next make sure both computers belong to the same Workgroup. Go to the Control Panel. Go to Performance and Maintenance then click on System. You can also do this by right clicking My Computer then choosing Properties. Go to the Computer Name tab then click on Change. Make sure that both your computers have the same Workgroup name. You can set it to something custom for security reasons. Click Ok. Then restart the computer to apply the changes.

 You might also need to configure your firewall so as to allow communication between the computers. After all these are set, you should be able to share file and folders in your network.

 Thank you. Hope this helps.

 Clair june

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