How to send video files online?

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Hi all.

Is it possible to send video files?either through email or online, that would not cost any amount? I have here a video file that I would love to send to my friend, the file size is 699 MB. I already tried compressing it into .zip but the file size only reduces just a little bit, from 699 MB to 689 MB which is still too large. I tried some sites that would send huge files but it doesn't work, such as and filemail. I already tried too sending it through Gmail, yahoomail and msn, but it only uploads in just few minutes but at the end it says fail to send it because its too large.

Anybody could give my any ideas please? I would gladly appreciate it.


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How to send video files online?

Dear Marge,
I have provided answers to your questions. I hope these would solve it. Good luck.
You can easily send a large video file by bypassing your e-mail attachment's limit with the use of an application called PANDO. It is a free software application and makes your task of sending a large video file simple. If you try to send a large video file as attachment to your existing e-mail, you will most likely fail to attach it, as it will exceed the capacity of your e-mail attachment. PANDO provides a simple solution for sending large video files. PANDO integrates with your existing e-mail account, it increases your e-mail attachment limit to 1 Gigabyte, making it possible to send large video files. When using PANDO there is no need to compress the video file, split it, or upload it to a video hosting website. All videos you send with PANDO are kept private via encryption for security.
You can send a large video file through e-mail as attachment by splitting the video with a video splitter tool that you can download from the internet. Split the video into parts of small file sizes and attach them to your e-mail the same as attaching images. After the recipient receives the file, he/she will still have to join the video parts with the use of a video joiner application. The application for joining videos can also be downloaded in the internet for free. When splitting the videos, it is advisable to label the file in sequence so that the recipient can attach the videos correctly and in order.
You can download a Video Compression tool from the Internet to compress the video and send it through whatever e-mail programs you are using as attachment. The recipient can then receive it and un-compress the files for viewing.
Upload the Video on YouTube with the choices of viewing in High Definition or High Quality for your convenience. The video recipient has the option to just view or download the full video as it is broadcasted worldwide. If you do not want the public to view the video, you can create a list of people who can exclusively view the video or download it with the use of a flash video download, or YouTube download. These video download are free on the internet.
You can upload the video to a website that can handle a very large video file. The recipient can then download the video by visiting these sites even if one is not a member.
Try to use other e-mail services as they have different file attachment capacity limits. If your video is too large, try to find one that can accommodate the video file. 
You can also reduce the quality of the video using a video editor application, there will be a reduction of file size at the expense of its quality after you have configured or changed the properties of the video. A high definition video has a larger file than a poor quality video. After editing, you can then send it as attachment to you e-mail.
A video Converter tool would also reduce the file size. An HD MPEG 4 converted to a 3 GP file for example, reduces the file size. You can download this application on the internet for free. After conversion, you can then send it as an attachment to your e-mail.
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How to send video files online?


Do you ever have experience with downloading hotfiles. Try to use that method. Split your video to 6 or 7 parts. Then one part will be about 100 MB. It is easy to upload. But you have to upload all parts. You can do it one by one. After that if you want to download them download the all parts and join them. There are many software can be found in the internet to spite the video file. 

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How to send video files online?


Dear Marge, 

You cannot send a large file by using email address. The easy way to send a large file just upload it any free file hosting site then send the link to your friend. The following steps you have to followed to do this

1.    Create an  free account on

2.    Then upload your video file

3.    Then copy the link and send the link to your friend

Thanks and Regards


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