How to Secure Contact Form Script in PHP?

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Anyone please help? How to secure contact form script for my website? There are available sample scripts in the web but I want to make sure that it’s secure and safe. So, I want to consult the experts and guide me on creating a secure contact form? What are the things that I need to consider first? What are the tools that I can use? What techniques I should use to create a secure and safe contact form? How will I know that my contact form script is safe and secure? Is there a checker or application that will try the security of my script? I need your comments and suggestions please.

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How to Secure Contact Form Script in PHP?



If you intend to secure your contact form, one question would arise: What exactly are you securing against?

1. If you are securing against access to your contact form details, then you have to have a secure store of the contents of the form. Thus you should be dealing with database security.

2. If you are securing against invalid usage of your form, then there exists several validation methods to protect against this.

3. If you are concerned about the authenticity of those who use and submit your form, then consider writing a CAPTCHA script which prevents automated submission of your contact form.

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How to Secure Contact Form Script in PHP?


Hello Alex Baker,

                  If you want to make your website safe then you need to use the abstraction technique so that any other person cannot get to the part of code that is very sensitive. All you need is to make your code more and more complex and in an abstract form so that only you can get the idea of using that one. You can also get a secure form from the below link.

I am attaching a PDF file related to the form abstraction you can get more knowledge from there and i think that thing will help you a lot.

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