How To Robocopy Only New Files?

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Hi ! I wanted to robocopy only new files I have in my computer, and I am just stuck and it is taking forever. Please help!

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How To Robocopy Only New Files?


Hi! That is a common problem, this is something I do.Firstly, say all your files are in folder1, and you wish to copy in folder 2. Your command will look like this

robocopy C:folder1 C:folder2 /r:0 /w:0

This will copy all the new files of folder1 to folder2 as Robocopy will look at the date and time stamp of each file. If the file has not changed, it will skip it. Hence old files won’t be copied, this is how it works: /r:0 – Retry on failure zero times. No retries in my example /w:0 – The number of seconds to wait between failures is 0.Hence, Robocopy only new files.

Hope this helps.

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