How play flash opera android?

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How play a flash opera android? It seems like the flash support of my opera browser is not compatible or there is an installation error that is why it is not working or unable to play. Is there something to do with my android mobile phone? I hope you can tell me what to do to resolve the issue.

Thank you.

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How play flash opera android?


Dear Chloe,

First off, what version of Opera Mobile are you using? I suggest you update your Opera Mobile Browser, because the past version of Opera Mobile were reported to have instability when playing flash videos. Below are couple of download links for Opera Mini or Mobile. Try updating to the newest version of Opera Browser to fix the issues:


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How play flash opera android?


Hey Chloe,

Opera on android does usually support flash and will crash concluding with restarting your phone. It depends on the version you have for both Opera, Android. What you can do is try to install a plug in for your Opera Browser:

1. Go to the android market and download Flash Player.

2. Go to your Opera Browser and type opera:plugins in the address bar.

3. If something appears like below, then it worked.

Shockwave Flash

Description: Shockwave Flash 10.2 d156


4. If nothing appears, make sure plug-ins are enabled, go to settings, advanced, adobe flash, enable.

5. If still nothing appears then your phone version + browser will not be able to run Flash. Choose another browser.

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