How to open DHCP client-log messages for windows 7?

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I have tried several times to open DCHP-client log messages for Windows 7 but can't.

So how do it.

Leave me an answer for helping.

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How to open DHCP client-log messages for windows 7?

Hello Patty,
DHCP-Client uses the Windows Event Log to log its events, so you'll need the Event Viewer to see the logs. 
You can access the Event Viewer through your Control Panel, under System and Security category>Administrative Tools.
It will most likely ask you for an administrator password or confirmation.
Once your Event Viewer is open, expand the Windows Logs part on the left and select System. To see only DHCP-Client entries, you will need to filter them. You will do that by clicking the Filter Current Log. The dialog box like the one on the picture will appear.
File Current Log
Open the Event sources list and select DHCP-Client and eventually DHCPv6 Client and click OK.

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