How to monitor PC usage when I am playing games?

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I am a hardcore GAMER. I play first person shooting game. I use AIDA64 to monitor my Pc usage and temperature as well as information. But I need to see all these when I am playing a game. Because its usage is in peak when I am playing games.  Is there any tools by which I can do that, If yes please give their names.

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How to monitor PC usage when I am playing games?


Hello, welcome to techyv. You are facing the same problem as I faced 2 years ago. Then AIDA64 was EVEREST. Then I asked everywhere and at last I found that there is some tools that can do that work.

First tool is ATI tray tools by Ray Adams. It is the best tool I have ever seen for ATI cards. You can watch all information about your cards and CPU usage.

You can also change you card settings if you use ATI cards. But for NVIDIA you can see their specs but can’t change its configuration. To change it there is another tool which is for NVIDIA like ATI tray tools for ATI. Its name is Reva Tuner.

You can configure NVIDIA cards by it. And there is another neutral software called speed fan which can also do these work. I have given the download links here.

ATI tray tools

Reva Tuner

Speed Fan

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How to monitor PC usage when I am playing games?


Hello Robin,

Yes you can check all the information and CPU usage while you are playing games, all you have to do is to download the System monitoring tool. here are some good suggestions:

1- AIDA 64 Extreme Edition

2- System Monitior

3- Everest Ultimate Edition

4- HW Monitor

Try out one of these and your problem will be solved


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How to monitor PC usage when I am playing games?


If you want to keep an eye on your CPU usage as well as temperature even while playing games, the best way to do it is with a gadget called “All CPU Meter” which you can install on your computer. It installs perfectly on 64-bit Windows 7.

If you want to try it, go to All CPU Meter and download it or click All CPU Meter ZIP to download the ZIP file directly. Once downloaded, unpack the ZIP file then double-click “All_CPU_Meter_V4.7.3.gadget” to install it. At first, you will not have temperature readings from your processor. To also display the temperature, you need to download PC Meter 0.4 Beta.

Unpack the ZIP file on a new folder on your system drive then right-click “PCMeterV0.4.exe” and select “Run as administrator”. In PC Meter window, go to “Options” and check “Run On Windows Startup” or check everything. After this, go back to the All CPU Meter gadget, right-click it, and select “Options”. Next, go to “Options” tab then in “Show CPU temperatures”, select “ON (PC Meter)”.

All CPU Meter gadget enabling temperature readings
All CPU Meter gadget enabling temperature readings

Set the other options if you like then click “OK” when you are finished. Now, to be able to see the gadget even when playing a game, right-click the gadget and select “Always on top”. This way, you will see the CPU usage and temperature readings even when the game runs at full screen.

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