How to make my website secure from intruders?

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Hi Experts!

Some business owners are not aware that their websites are open to online intruders. 

In a way that, they can get all your information and steal it from you. Or can also destroy your whole computer system.

I am one of those who own a website and I want to keep it safe from these online intruders.

How can I make it secure and free from worrying that any moment my website will be gone?

Please help.

Thank you.

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How to make my website secure from intruders?

There will be many steps on how to protect your websites.
I will give you some steps.
1. Make your files protected with password 
Just to avoid anyone who can just grab your files
Don't forget to use alphanumeric password combination "Password 9283719283"
2. Email address security
Don't allow client to send directly email to your inbox. 
Use an email splitter in order to make the email not sent directly to your inbox.
Make your email secure, don't just simply spread it anywhere.
Intruders will be interested to email you create an bogus account, send you a link once you click it then that's the time they going attacking you system.
3. Update your software especially if your site is online gaming, if you failed to update that gonna be vulnerable  to your old files because it's not secure.
4. Always ask permission
Every time they download and upload files this has to be ask to prevent them getting you confidential files.
5. Delete your OLD FILES
As i mentioned a while ago, delete old files especially out to date files.
6. Server Protected
Make sure your server is protected and you should know your server, because this is where your files are.
Tony Stevenson  

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