How to make app inventor radio streaming shoutcast

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Good day everyone. I have a problem with this app inventor radio streaming shoutcast. What I want to do is create a shoutcast stream app with the app inventor. So far, my code has worked successfully on the emulator but I couldn’t get it to work with any other real device. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks.

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How to make app inventor radio streaming shoutcast


Hello Mr.Jabez.

App Inventor will play streaming audio just fine.But  you have to use the blocks editor to set the player source to the URL of the stream — it won't work to set it in the designer.

You'll need to use a URL of an actual audio stream.  These can be tricky for find, since most of the URLs you find on music sites point to the player or to a playlist, not to the actual stream.
Here's an example URL of an actual stream  that ought to work: Minnesota public radio
– One way to find these is to go to and then  either:

– Right click on a station link, then save the .pls file and look at the corresponding url contained
– View the page source and click on any of the links that start with "" and look at the urls in the playlist text file

If you have a URL and want to test whether it's a stream, you can use iTunes if you have  Mac and go under advanced -> open stream, and try to play that URL.
Thank you.

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