How to install Windows Server 2003

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I'm an entrepreneur and have a small business. I am planning to put up a commercial building with 2 story building. 2 rooms in each floor so 4 rooms all in all. I will put each room a personal computer at least 2 units. And i am using the 3 computers with Windows XP for the OS and Windows Server for 2003 for the 1 computer which I will be using.

Now, the 3 computers have already installed the Windows XP OS. But the 1 unit has not been installed for Windows Server 2003 for the reason that the contractor were not be able to come due to the important meeting to attend with. And i am desperately want to use the computer for its important matter to do. My problem is how can I install Windows Server 2003 for I only knew about Windows XP installation? Can you give me some instructions?

I'm counting on your answers thanks.

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How to install Windows Server 2003


Hi Peter,


Installing Windows 2003 Server is fairly easy as it is very similar as windows XP installation process (CD Based) from boot process to partitioning and installation. However, there are some check list needed before implementing/installing a Server base network/system. Thorough planning is needed to make your Server system work efficiently as possible. Different companies have different way of server implementation, though I'm not sure yet how you would like use your server, please allow me to have to show you how to install just the Windows 2003 server on your computer for initial setup.


Step #1: planning and installation

I assume that your system meet all the minimum requirements according to Microsoft documentation. if you're not sure please check this site:

Installation process: There are several ways to install your windows OS (XP/server) like from Network installation, automated installation and the easiest one from your Windows 2003 CD Installer. You have to decide whether you want to install the Windows 2003 from Raid Mirrored Disk (2 hard drive that is mirrored for fault tolerance) or the normal installation from a single Hard drive like what you normally do on your windows XP workstation(s).

Note: If you would like to install the server on mirrored Drive, you have to check your computer manufacturer/Motherboard manual for the Raid Installation and configuration.



Step #2: The GUI (Graphical User Interface) phase.

Like what I have said earlier installing Windows Server 2003 is very similar to windows XP installation process. If you are familiar on installing windows.

XP you can install the server 2003 the only difference are the Licensing Configuration and the Manual IP address settings which you can accept the default.

Settings and modify it later after the installation.


Here's the process:

Make your computer bootable from CD Rom.

Start the computer with the windows 2003 mounted on the CD Rom.

Setup will load the files needed for driver installations.

License Agreement, Press F8.

Partition option, Very similar to windows XP installation, please proceed according to your plan and the installation process will begin.

It will reboot your system after loading the required files from your hard disk drive and run the Windows Server installation.

Your first prompt will be similar to windows XP about the regional settings.

Your name and Organization.

The Product key if you're using OEM.

Enter the appropriate license type and number of purchased. The default of 5 will do since you're using 3 windows XP from the time being, so just simply accept the default settings.

Your computer name and administrator password then your time zone and the other installation process continue.

If it prompts you for the Networking settings, please setup a Custom IP address that is unique on your organization (e. g: IP: subnet mask:, Default gateway: normally this is your router IP address like:



Workgroup or Computer Domain prompt – Choose "No, this computer is not on a network, or is on a network without a domain" for now. Since we're just installing the windows 2003 server from the Base installation, it is advisable Configuring Domain Controller from the windows 2003 Desktop and setup the Administrator username and password, by default the username is "Administrator" and the password is blank.


That's basically it and you're done on the initial setup. Please feel free to reply back for further assistance or need some clarification. I am more than willing to help you out get this sorted.


Thank you,



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How to install Windows Server 2003


Installation of Windows Server 2003 is pretty as much as windows XP. The first thing is you configure the computer to first boot from the CD ROM. You do this by restarting the computer and pressing F8 it brings you to BIOS setup.

Select the option for it to start from the CD ROM.
Exit. This brings to you to the windows 2003 server setup.
Set up begins, read the licensing and accept by clicking on F8.
Create or choose a partition on which to install windows 2003 server.
Choose the file system on which you can format the partition. Its best recommended that you select NTFS.
At this point copying of the necessary files begins from the Windows Server 2003 CD.
The computer restarts in graphical mode.
It loads the device drivers for the compute and then customize the regional setting.
Click on next and the put the name and organization.
Click on next and put in the product key.
Click on next and put the computer name and password.
Click on next again and put the date, time and zone setting the next option it brings it installs networking components.

After this installation is complete.

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