How to increase/decrease the line spacing difference.

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I used to copy articles from the web (news sites/blogs/…) and the format differs from one site to another.

I am able to unify the font, the color, and the size, but some articles have different line spacing (space between each line), some article has a 1.0 line spacing and no space between paragraphs while another has 1.15 line spacing and a blank line between paragraphs.

How am I able to specify these spaces? 

Any solution/link?


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How to increase/decrease the line spacing difference.



Depending on what version of MS Word you are using, finding the tools for these vary though they may be similar. For most if not all MS Word versions, the easiest way to change the line spacing would be to:
  • First highlight the section that you want to add or remove line spacing.
  • Then right click with your mouse and a box with some options will appear.
  • Select paragraph and another pop up box will appear.
  • Under the Section spacing you can change the spacing before and after the sentence, you can also add a fixed line spacing such as Single, 1.5 lines, double, exactly, and the like.
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How to increase/decrease the line spacing difference.


Follow these steps and you will be able to adjust your line spacing to your satisfaction.

  • Use the home tab in MS Word.
  • Navigate to paragraph group.
  • If you are using the Office 2007 there is a button at bottom right in the paragraph group (Launcher), click it to launch the paragraph dialog box. If you are using any other Office the procedure is the same, no much difference¾
  • In the box indents and spacing tab the second last option is about spacing.
  • To the right in the spacing category you will see line spacing where you can increase the space between or decrease. There is also a box that you can check if you don’t want space between the paragraphs.



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