How to identify your VGA manufacturer

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My computer was infected by some types of worms that makes my PC go crazy so i decided to reformat my Computer without hesitation formatting my PC i forgot i don't have the drivers at all. Now my problem should be easy just download the driver from the manufacturer.

But what really is my problem is i don't know the manufacturer of my PC. So i have no idea what type of driver i will download. Can anyone tell how? Specially my VGA because it is built in. Same with the sound cards and Ethernet.

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How to identify your VGA manufacturer


You can identify your VGA manufacturer in many possible ways. Some of the methodologies are as the following:

  1. First turn off your PC and unbolt the CPU portion. Check if there is any visual label remains that straight away off the motherboard or the video card.
  2. When the computer will boot, video cards and chip sets will enroll the video card and memory during the post. Enter “Pause/Break on first boot” for halting the process momentarily and interpret the text on the monitor.
  3. Some freeware software is obtainable which can be downloaded for perceiving hardware of the computer. This may facilitate for categorizing all hardware set up on your PC.
  4. Press Start, select Control Panel. Select Performance and maintenance under Control Panel and then you can press into the system. Again under System properties select the tab named Hardware and finally enter into Device Manager. Select Display Adapter under Device Manager. You may right click into the video card and then select properties. After doing all the steps, the information regarding video card will be displayed.

In fact you can perform the same with other drives in case if you need to specify.

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How to identify your VGA manufacturer


Hi good day,

You did not give the model name of your motherboard? Ok I will give you the following steps to fix that kind of issue.

  1. Click start menu then click Run >>> in the run box type “dxdiag” click ok then there are two option to select just click on YES.
  2. The “DirectX Diagnostic Tool” locates the System information.
  3. The system manufacturer and the system model will show on the screen.
  4. Click exit.
  5. Open the CPU cover locates and find the model name and serial number of the motherboard.
  6. After locating the model name, open Google site, then in the search box type the model name of the motherboard.


 On the Google search box type: “ASUS P5GC-MX motherboard driver”.

  • Download the Video card driver, sound driver, network card driver etc.
  • Install video card driver then after installing restart the computer.
  • Next sound card driver then after installation process restart computer then continue until you done them all.

If the issue will not resolve, just use Genius driver software to download all the drivers of the motherboard.

Thank you, hope its help. Regards; Logictor

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