How I create HTML forms on Mac

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Hi, I am using Mac operating system on my laptop. I want to create HTML forms on Mac but I can’t, can anyone give me some suggestion how I can do that?


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How I create HTML forms on Mac



How to create an HTML document in Mac (OSX)
1. Create a new TextEdit document. 
2. Add this code: 
<p> Hello World!</p> 
3. Select 'format' -> 'make plain text' 
4. Select 'File' -> 'save as' 
5. Save the file as: 'test.html' 
6. You will be asked if you want to use '.html' … do that.  
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How I create HTML forms on Mac


Hello Pamela Gonzalez,

You can create HTML forms by using HTML coding.

First, open a new Text document.
Then, write and HTML code as you wish, following the HTML rules. You must open a <> tag and end a </> tag.

Suppose you use the following tags:
My First HTML Page </Head>

<p> Yes!
I can. </p>


Then, select them in a plain Text format file.

Then, use the “save” option.

Save it with your preferred name, but it must have the .Html format.

Then, open it.

Now, you will see it opened in a web browser.
Now you are able to make an html form.

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