How to get tutorial for crazybump 1.2?

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Hello Experts,

I would like to watch some tutorial for crazybump 1.2 versions. How to get tutoring for crazybump 1.2? I hope you can give me a specific or official webpage that I can view some tips and ideas on how to manipulate or use crazybump 1.2 versions.

Thank you.

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How to get tutorial for crazybump 1.2?



Here are some tutorial links for you. I wish, these will help you:

Watch this YouTube video.


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How to get tutorial for crazybump 1.2?


Hello Jayden Horribol,

My pleasure to help you. Crazybump is a graphical tool which is different from all other graphic Software. You can create 3D objects from your photos using Crazybump. Also you can create various textures of maps using it. 

Always it is taken while to get familiar with its features. And it does not provide any kind of tutorial or user manual. So the beginners having some difficulties while understanding the functionality.

The thing you need to do is add a photo what is going to use as the source. Then the photo will contain a texture will lead to appealing more result. Then you can modify various details of the photo to give it a 3D look. 

(As very fine, medium and large) A small window will preview to assist you during the process. After you finish the adjustment you can save it to JPG, PNG, TIF, TGA or BMP.

Crazybump has proved that it gives a ‘bump’ to your photo to make a look of 3D.

Now you have a little idea about Crazybump. For more options and features of Crazybump this video will show you more.

And if you hope to download Crazybump 1.2 for free, you can get it from here.

Think this will helpful for you.

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