How to adjust settings of A4Tech and Logitech Cam?

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How to fix a web cam?

I bought 2 web cams, 1 A4 tech and 1 Logitech. I installed the 2 web cams to my computers and then test it. When I'm testing it, I noticed that the Logitech cam has blur images while the A4 tech cam has high brightness to the images. But the Logitech cam is clear in daylight and the A4 tech cam has dim light in the night.

I try to check the user manual of the 2 cams but nothing helps me. What will I do if want to use one of my cams for chatting if that's the problem? 

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How to adjust settings of A4Tech and Logitech Cam?


Hi Nathanielyn, I have read the issue that your having with the webcams that you had installed and here are some of the solution that will help you resolve the issue. We just need to adjust the settings of the webcams:

For A4tech:

  • Start by opening your web cam in your chat window, and then clicking "File * Click on "Preferences." and a window full of options will open up to you.
  • Choose the "Camera Settings" option and another window will open which is labeled as "Properties." * Choose "Video Process Amp."This will open up a variety of different settings that you can adjust.
  • Adjust for example, brightness, by clicking on the slider mechanism with your pointer and dragging it. These mechanisms are usually pretty sensitive, so be cautious when moving the settings.

For Logitech:

  1. Double-click on your Logitech Quickcam icon (You can also click your Start menu option on the lower left of your screen and choose it from your list of programs).
  2. Click "Camera settings" on the right of the new window (You can also get to the camera settings by clicking "Quick capture" and then clicking the arrow on the far right).
  3. Choose which settings you want to work with first (You will have the option of Video and Audio) The video option controls the picture while the audio option controls the sound.
  4. Go back to your main window and click "Quick capture" (This will activate your webcam and allow you to view what it will look like as you adjust the different settings).
  5. Move the bar back and forward on the Brightness, Contrast and Saturation (Do these one at a time while viewing the image on your webcam until you are satisfied with the quality of the picture).
  6. Click and un-click your Low Light Boost and Color Boost options to see which, if either, is needed to make your picture quality what you desire. (You can turn these on and off based on the lighting of the room at the time).
  7. Click on your Audio option once you are satisfied with your picture quality. A check mark will appear if the volume is at a good level. If you choose to reset it, click the Configuration option.
  8. Follow the steps on the Configuration Wizard once you select the Configuration option. The wizard will walk you through testing the sound on your webcam to ensure quality during live webcam chats.
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How to adjust settings of A4Tech and Logitech Cam?


Maybe it was the quality of a4tech. Got the same webcam and its much good as yours.

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How to adjust settings of A4Tech and Logitech Cam?


Since those are brand new web cams, what you need to do is install their respective drivers for the cameras to work properly. If you managed to make the camera work and take sample images without their driver, it may not work to the fullest if the appropriate driver is not installed. For the A4Tech camera, go to A4Tech Support Download to download the driver.

A4Tech webcam
A4Tech webcam

On the download page, enter your product’s model number which you can find at the bottom of the device. For your Logitech camera, go to Logitech Support Download to download the driver. Here, you also need the model number or part number of your camera to locate the appropriate driver for your device.

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