How to fix run time error on XP?

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When I am running some application particularly Internet Explorer suddenly an error will appear saying that a run time error has occurred.

I don’t know what to do about this I have already scanned my computer with anti virus for possible threats but nothing was found. I don’t intend to re-install all the applications that come with this error.

Is there another solution for this? Below is the common error that keeps on popping up.


A Runtime Error has occurred.

Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 14

Error: Object expected

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How to fix run time error on XP?

  • This error seems to be arising due to the other add-ons, plug-ins or other extra software which has been installed onto the computer that is associated with the program giving error. 
  • This error can be resolved by considering the following solution to the problem.
  • First if you have any extra software installed in your system that is associated with the program which is generating error, make it sure that there are no available updates for the programs and try to uninstall each of the them so as to verify that they are not reason for your issue.
  • If still your problem remains then you may encountering the problem of hardware or memory related issue. 
  • For this we recommend you to contact the developer of the program that is causing the issue for any possible solutions. 
  • If still you do not found any solution, we recommend you to contact the computer or motherboard manufacturer for more additional recommendations or advice.
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How to fix run time error on XP?

  • The main reason for this error is a software problem and it can be a virus or some virus type program which is causing this error. To solve this problem you can take these steps
  • Go to START and then to RUN her type cmd and press ok or enter
  • now in MS DOS type cd and press enter
  • After this now type autoexec.bat
  • ren autoexec.bat and press enter
  • Now type ren config.sys and press enter after you done now restart your computer and your problem will be solved.
  • Other method involves a full virus scan to your computer and make sure your Antivirus program is up to date and i am sure you will not see this error next time.
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How to fix run time error on XP?


There could be a few possibilities as to why you receive this runtime error. You should check for the following:


  • The problem could be with an application or extension that has been installed on your browser. Remove any kind of toolbar association plugins. These have been known to cause run-time errors in the past.


  • Many run-time errors are caused by IE or internet browsers in general. You can also try to reset your settings in these browsers to their general / factory settings.


  • If you know the program or application that is causing the problem or even windows. Try to update this application to the latest version, in the case of windows, make sure you download all the latest updates or service packs for Windows XP. Many software developers fix bugs and glitches with their software updates.


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