How To Fix Event Log Errors From The Event Viewer.

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Many errors and warnings appear when we use a desktop. Some are application related and some are system related. The base is system. Some of the app errors are based on the system. Once we solve those errors app ones get solved automatically. how to fix event log errors?

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How To Fix Event Log Errors From The Event Viewer.


When a lot of errors are present, concentrate on the system errors. To sort those system issues can make resolving application related issues easy. Correcting the root cause can solve the upper problems.

1) Go to the event viewer. The system errors are logged and it is important to get a copy of it. Interpreting it is not simple for computer users.

2) There are three panels present in email viewer – application, security and system. To troubleshoot the problems go to the system panel.

3) To do so go to start menu, search control panel.

4) Go to administrative tools.

5) Click event viewer.

6) Select Windows log and system.

7) Right-click on the system and select filter current log.

8) Click OK to see the error reports.

9) To sort the list, click on the date and time column.

10) Double click on the error you want to copy. Copy it to the clipboard and close the event viewer.

11) Report is of three types- warning, error and information. 

12) Search for the event ID and source, which will help you to seek help form the internet.

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