How to download free wii code manager?

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Hello experts,

How to download free wii code manager? I just want to know how to use code manager in wii Nintendo gaming gadget. I have to get some idea regarding this matter, for I just bought a new one. Share with me your ideas based on your experiences in wii. Thank you.

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How to download free wii code manager?


Java Wii Code Manager is the best tool for managing patch codes for the Nintendo Wii. Click on the following link to download.

When downloading is complete, follow the below instructions to use codes for the Nintendo games.

1.  Connect Action Replay DS cartridge with USB connector and turn on both the connections from the main menu.

2.  Press “Update” button on the Action Replay DS menu and launch the installation, now press the cartridge icon and click “Yes” to confirm the software upgrade.

Now, the Action Replay DS is installed with many online cheat codes. Further, you can also add manually cheat codes to the Action Replay DS.

To do that, click “Add New Code list” located in the Code Manager Software and locate a game to add from “My Subscription” box. Now, drag and drop the game to the created folder. Then right click on the game and select “Add New Cheat”. Now, type the name of your cheat and code in the “Cheat Name” and “Cheat Code” boxes respectively and click ok. Close the software and power off the Nintendo system.

Now, turn on the Nintendo DS and launch Action Replay from the main menu. The screen will display the list of cheat names, select the new one and launch the Nintendo game.

Hope the above information helps you better.

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How to download free wii code manager?



Code manager is what you put the codes in and then it makes a GCT file from your codes. then they go in your sd card and when you launch the wii game through gecko it adds them to the game.
You must find a code manager but it doesn’t go in you wii you have to use it on your computer.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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