How do you disable the sleep button in the keyboard?

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In my work environment all the computers we have run on windows 7 pro and also use Windows Server 2008 r2.

The problem is that all our keyboards have the “sleep” button that enables the computer to sleep and our users being mainly young students tend to be playful with it. This becomes a nuisance as most kids misuse this button.

I am really tired of this and I am looking to solve this issue once and for all. Is there any other way of disabling this feature from the GPO apart from changing the advanced settings in power options in the computer?

Please help for I am at wits end.

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How do you disable the sleep button in the keyboard?




1. In the Windows start menu search click RUN

2. Type in Regedit

3. Navigate to:  HKey_Local_MachineSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoft

4. In the left pane right click Microsoft and select: New > Key. Name it Power and hit enter.

5. Right click Power New> Key and name it PowerSettings and hit enter.

6. Right click PowerSettings and select: New > Key. Then type abfc2519-3608-4c2a-94ea-171b0ed546ab and hit enter, right click and select: New > DWord (32 bit)-value. Then name it ACSettingIndex and hit enter.

7. Right click ACSettingIndex and select Modify and set the value at 0.

8. Exit registry and restart PC

Note: This does not remove the sleep entry in the shutdown menu but gray it out and makes it not accessible to users.


1. Open the Control Panel. (Should be in Icons View)

2  Click on the Power Options icon.

3. Click on the Choose what the power buttons do link.

4. To the right off when I press the power button, select the action that you want for the Start Menu power button in the drop down box

5.  Click on the Save changes button. 


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How do you disable the sleep button in the keyboard?


Another way of preventing students from playing on the Power Options is to install Norton SystemWorks and then hide the Control Panel. This way, they have no access to the program to play with the options. To begin, first, download Norton SystemWorks Standard. Once downloaded, install it on your computer. Once installed, click Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, and then Power Options.

Select Advanced tab. In “Power buttons” section under “When I press the sleep button on my computer”, select “Do nothing” then click OK. This way when the student presses on the sleep button on the keyboard nothing will happen. The computer will not go to sleep mode. See image.

Once this is set, open Norton SystemWorks, click Optimize Your PC, and then select System Optimizer at the bottom. In System Optimizer, select Control Panel from the left. In Settings on the right under Control Panel section, check Remove Control Panel, click Apply and then click Exit. Log off your account then log in back. The Power Options is now disabled. See image.

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