How do i share calendars with servers

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I am having problems sharing a calendar between a Windows user and a Mac user. When the shared calendar is open in  Mac, there is no way we can pick a specific calendar aside from the primary one?

The Outlook  2011 does not permit adding shared calendars to your own view.

Even when the Windows user is invited.

So I don't think that it's an issue of permission because the calendar opens up in OWA on Mac without problems.

How do I do this in Outlook 2011?

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How do i share calendars with servers


Hi Abbiegail,

Your right your problem is not based on the issue of  permission in sharing calendar between windows user and Mac User. What I suggest you to do is you have to update your calendar to a MobileMe Calendar. This application can be used by an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac and PC user.

     What are the services it an do?

  • Can share calendar with friends and family.
  • Can publish calendar for a team or a group.
  • Can make event invitations through RSVP
  • Can be the most ideal calendar suit for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone.
  • Can make a another web application

MobileMe Calendar utilizes CALDAV system in which it can enable the user to see and manage their calendar having a built in calendar program on their unit.  or vice versa the window user can manage their calendar though Outlook which has a MobileMe Control Panel for it.

Hope this might help you


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