How do I monitor Microsoft Active Directory with op5 Monitor?

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How do I monitor Microsoft Active Directory with op5 Monitor? How can VMware ESX Computer be monitored?

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How do I monitor Microsoft Active Directory with op5 Monitor?


Hi Henroy,

Monitoring on Active Directory relies on consistent data needed throughout the forest, by monitoring important indicator to discover minor problems before developing into potential length service outages. Some large organizations with many domains require automated monitoring system like Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 (MOM). This monitoring system provides important consolidation to administer Active Directory so successful.

The Monitoring Active Directory can resolve issues in a timely manner

Those are the benefits:

1. To have better reliability of productivity applications

    Like back-end servers, e-mail.
2. Faster logon time.
3. More reliable resource usage.
3. Less help desk support issues.
Advantage for Administrators
Observing Active Directory gives us centralized view of Active Directory across the entire forest. By observing significant indicators, administrators can realize the following concern:
Good customer satisfaction, because issues can be resolved before users notice problems.
High service levels, because of it's reliability and system understanding etc.
This is how ESX computer monitored.
Running VMware ESX 3.5 and ESXi in Workstation on Your Desktop PC
Problem : A few different ways could occur Virtual machine degradation in a virtualized environment, Could be a high decline with the applications or the server response could be bad. The tough part is to identify when the problem occurs.
This is the solution:
1. Software VM monitoring will help you identify the changes you have done and can isolate the performance issues.
2. ESX will not be running on a Production server, running ESX on a workstation is the best way and show the performance of ESX server on a single system. Just think about this. If you have one system with two ESX servers, an iSCSI virtual SAN, and a Windows Server running Virtual Center. VMware Infrastructure is in one box and you are good to go to run excellent features such as VMotion, SVMotion, VMHA, and Update Manager, all in one PC.

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