How do I make my gaming performance speed up?

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I have my laptop NEO m74s and I am playing an online game but I am not able to play it very well. How can I improve my system performance? Is it possible even without upgrading my hardware components?

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How do I make my gaming performance speed up?



Hi there, 

I know gamers have this kind of troubles, so I found a simple way to increase your gaming experience. Just follow these steps and you will be able to enjoy your game a little bit more. This change will not be felt that much, but will increase the overall performance of the PC.

Step 1. Make sure your graphic Card has the newest version of the driver (you can check that in your card`s settings)
If not, make sure you download the right one.

Step 2. Check your power settings, because it may be possible that your PC is in a power save mode, and it does not use its full capacity.

Step 3. Once you enter the game, make sure you play it with mid quality, (set shadows and other textures to mid or less, and enjoy your game.

Step 4.  Close all background programs, since all of them get power from the CPU.
Make sure the game and only the game is the one that drains the CPU at that time.



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How do I make my gaming performance speed up?



Use ISP has low latency, if you ping plotter run through your ISP then sometimes you will have 18 hops and some time may be you have 8 hops.

Ask your ISP to ensure that your line is not interleaved! It's usually lower latency, it lowers the bandwidth which decreases ping, so you need an ISP which is not overcrowded,

Try connecting your router to a direct telephone socket and use high quality faceplate,

Make sure you are not downloading anything and downloads are properly excited.

Install the latest driver for your graphic card.

Delete cookies, history and cache of your browser.

Hope it helps!!


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