How do I insert slides into presentation that I am creating?

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I have the PowerPoint Presentation created by a third person with me. How do I insert these slides in the presentation that I am creating?

Also, please help me by describing the procedures to stretch the Auto shape during animation in PowerPoint 2010 and retrieving a corrupted PowerPoint 2010 file.

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How do I insert slides into presentation that I am creating?


Hi Dwight,

Here are steps on how to insert a Slide in you PowerPoint.

  1. Open your PowerPoint file.
  2. Click the Home Tab (as seen in the upper left beside FILE TAB).
  3. (After clicking the Home Tab) you can now see the New Slide button as well as the Slide Layout Gallery.

Repeat step 3 as many slides as you need.

Note: If you wish to add a slide in between Slide 1 and 2  you must Right Click Slide 1 and insert new slide in it.

Steps stretching auto-shape During Animation.

  1. Right click the auto-shape you wish to stretch. 
  2. Click the Custom Animation as seen in the drop down list.
  3. After clicking, the Custom Animation were seen in the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the Add Effect –> Entrance ( in the moderate section you will see the Stretch effect)

Corrupted PowerPoint may cause when you try to save it or while working on it or the windows may crashed due to power failure but you may retrieve such corrupted files,  Windows saves a temporary  file in the TEMP folder.

Locating your TEMP Folder

Go to Start > Click Search > Go to File and Folder 

1. On the search box type the ff *.TMP  

2. Then press enter. (windows will locate the temp files arranged as date modified)

3. Look for PPT.Temp and double click the file to run in PowerPoint

hope this would help.


Dina gervacio


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How do I insert slides into presentation that I am creating?


This problem can be solved by several methods shown below, choose the one comfortable with you and implement it correctly; there are basically four different ways you can have a blank new slide inserted into your presentation.

  1. On the left just above the list of slides, you will see a red+ button, click on it once.
  2. On the slide menu, select “New Slide”
  3. On the slide filmstrip, Right click on it and select “New Slide”
  4. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+M or Cmd+M on Mac

The new slides created will have a Title and Body layout by default. In order to have this layout changed or use a theme, on the Slide Menu, select Change Layout or Change Theme depending on your preferences.

For more information, please check out this link

You can also check out this video with very clear instructions

The other thing you need to know is PowerPoint 2010 Auto shape during animation and the retrieval of a corrupted 2010 PowerPoint file. Also see this link; it has all the solutions to your question


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