How do I change my theme in Windows 7?

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Hi there.  I have a desktop that has a Windows 7 64 bit OS. 

Can someone teach me how to change the theme of my desktop to have that personalized feel? 

Do I need to download anything or a software for this? 

I want to change the background image and the icons on my desktop.

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How do I change my theme in Windows 7?


Hi Emileekeila,

No, you don’t have to download anything to change the theme of your Windows. Follow the steps below to personalize the appearance of your system.

  1. Right Click on your Desktop
  2. Click Personalize
  3. From this page, you can change the background, Windows Color, System Sound and etc…

You can also save your customized theme if the default won’t work for you.


Hope this helps! 

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How do I change my theme in Windows 7?


It’s actually hard to change the theme of Microsoft Windows if the theme you want is different from the ones available on your computer because Windows themes are not free and need to be purchased from Microsoft. In Microsoft Windows XP, there is a way of changing the desktop theme for free by altering or replacing the “uxtheme.dll” file but discussing it is inappropriate since it may violate the terms of agreement of the operating system. Anyway, here’s how you can change your Windows theme using the available themes from your computer.

First is to open the Personalization window by right-clicking anywhere in your desktop then select Personalize. The Personalization window is divided into three categories, namely: Aero Themes, Basic Themes, and My Themes. Aero Themes are the themes that come from Microsoft and these themes are purchased and not for free.

Basic Themes are the themes that come with your operating system. And lastly My Themes are the themes you downloaded. Next is to select the theme you wish to use. You will see a preview of the selected theme so you can decide which one to use. Finally, click OK to apply the new theme on your computer.

Watch “How to change your theme in Windows 7 – video tutorial by TechyV” to have a better view of the activity.


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