How do I change font in Basalmiq Mockups 1?

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Hi.  I use Balsamiq for wire framing.  I have a question regarding my Basalmiq Mockups 1.  How do I change the font and can I add a custom icon?  Any Balsamiq users here that can help me out?  Thanks in advance for the help.

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How do I change font in Basalmiq Mockups 1?


There are two ways to change the font for Balsamiq Mockups. You can either perform

The easier one or the more complicated but basic one.
Which ever works for you.
The first way is the easiest.
1. Select View
2. Select Use System Fonts.
It's that simple. Now the complicated one is not really changing the font, But Changing the text format and style as there is no other way to change the font For this program.
For a more detailed instruction you can follow Balsamiq.
You can change the format, color and size of the text which is very close to changing
The font style.

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