How to detect my processor temperature.

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I heard that if my processer going too much hot it can be damaged but I need to know how much hot it is? How to know that?

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How to detect my processor temperature.


I think now a days it is not matter to know what is your pc temperature if your processer is older then core 2 duo you need thermal sensor but most of the pc is more updated than that . and another thing is the latest processer really do not affected by temperature they are design to go at that temperature level which is safe for them and most of them near 100 degree so I think again that you need not to be worried. OK now about the soft you can use to see you processer temperature. If you use windows 7 just right click on the desktop and click on gadget and in the new window click on the “ more gadget “ a website will come up you will find temp gadget there.

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How to detect my processor temperature.


There are some motherboard that has heat sensor or semi conductors attached to the motherboard. With the help of a heat displaying software. It can give you an idea how much heat is your CPU generates. But not all motherboard has this kind of technology so I suggest that if you don't trust your cooling system try the following:

  • Buy an air conditioning system to cool your room where the computer is placed.
  • Improve the cooling system of your CPU by buying additional Fans, or Blue Light tubes to improve your cooling system. I recommend that you buy a Coolermaster brand of Fans and not just the small ones but the big ones.
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How to detect my processor temperature.



Please note, almost every computer have a support for hardware monitoring. The quality of such monitoring depends on the type of system you are using, and sometimes on the operating system.

However, there are multiple tools also which can help in monitoring and determining the temperatures of your motherboard and your hard disk, read voltages and fan speeds and check the status of your hard disk. An example of such tool is “SPEED FAN” which can be downloaded from:

A warning, the speed fan has multiple uses and controls, but they are for advance users only, as such if you do not know the ABC, than do not change anything.

The other standalone tool is called “Core Temp” which can be downloaded from:

This is a relatively simple tool which will provided you with the required temp information


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How to detect my processor temperature.



Each CPU has its own temperature limitation set by its manufacturers; if the CPU goes beyond its tolerable temperature, the following actions may arise:

1.   CPU life-span is reduced

2.   CPU might freeze up randomly

3.   CPU may do reset itself and restarts the computer or

4.   CPU might burn up

To eliminate this instances of destroying your CPU, there are ways of how to know and to measure if your CPU is getting to hot and if it is beyond its heat endurance potential.

1.   Seeing the BIOS


Boot the computer. If the computer is already turned on restart it. Press Del key or F2 key to enter BIOS. All Motherboards are of distinct type, some uses Del key and some uses F2 key. If you don’t know what to do, then press Pause/Break key. Look on the bottom part of your screen to see instruction on how to get in the BIOS.


After accessing the BIOS, see the System Health or PC Health Status. You can view there the System, CPU, Motherboard temperature and etc.

2.   Using a third party application

It is more convenient on having an application where you can monitor the CPU temperature but not only that, this application do manage to know like the CPU Speed, CPU Voltage, etc.

These are some known third party applications:

1.   Everest

2.   SpeedFan

3.   Core Temp

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How to detect my processor temperature.


Hello Shopon,

To detect the temperature of your computer you will need to get a program for testing the computer temperature. There is quite a number of these programs and you can download most of them for free from the internet.

One program that will recommend is called Free Diagnose which you can download for free from the internet.  It will help you to analyze and benchmark your computer system. It will also check the performance of the hardware, CPU performance, hard disk performance, video system information, main board information, and so forth. For the temperature, it help you determine at which the point the system heats up and therefore enable you to regulate the system performance to avoid overheating.


Mahesh Babu


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How to detect my processor temperature.


Thanks, SARA U. I downloaded your link of speed fan and it really worked. I can now monitor the temperature of my laptop. I'm really problematic because the temperature in our place almost reach 35 degree Celsius.

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How to detect my processor temperature.


Hi  Shopon64

There is a Techyv YouTube video which one will be very helpful for you in this regard. Check out that video and get prectical solution.

How to check CPU / GPU temperature, and Fan speed / status with RealTemp |

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