How to delete an outgoing e-mail in MS outlook 2007?

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Hi everyone,

I am a user of MS outlook 2007 and I am having an issue with its outgoing. Actually, I tried to send a large size file (almost 200 MB) and it was  large enough that it was never perfect to be sent out. But now, I even can’t send anything else in my outlook.

I want to delete this file from outgoing folder but I have not been able to do so. I am really helpless, to solve this issue and I have tried many tricks but it is still there. To fix this issue, I un-installed the MS outlook and installed it again but it is not been fixed yet. For the solution (of this) I also have located .pst extension files, which remain on my hard drive on the applications path/folder of outlook express, but I am not been able to find anything there which should be delete-able.

I have give up my effort now to fix this issue and want someone to kindly tell me what to do, to get rid of this weird issue. So, I want to know "How to delete an outgoing e-mail in MS outlook 2007?" I am, waiting for any guide line.

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How to delete an outgoing e-mail in MS outlook 2007?


Well, the easiest way would be to work offline, click file, click work offline, then go to outbox, then delete the email. Then go back to file uncheck workoffline, then you're good to go. You should be able to send emails out after this. Another way of course, is to open Outlook with out any internet connection, then go to outbox and delete the email. Then restart PC; then connect back the internet; open you're Outlook and start sending emails.

Another option would be to delete the account; then delete the email on Outbox; then recreate the email account provided that you know the incoming and the outgoing mail server address. Another way is to go to tools then options, then go to mail set-up tab, then uncheck send immediately when connected, then click ok. then go to outbox then right click on the message then delete it. Then you can go back to tools, options the mail set-up tab and put a check mark on the option again then ok.

Well, if the email is just stuck on the outbox, you have the option to move it to a drafts folder instead or all emails on the outbox for that matter. Then you can just manually send each of the other emails that got stuck on you're outbox. And for the large email that got stuck, you probably need to compress it or send it in smaller sizes. Well, this is one solution i got online, you can access outlook in safe mode.  So click on start, run then type Outlook /safe then click ok. Then try to delete the email on the outbox and if this works, restart outlook then send an email.

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How to delete an outgoing e-mail in MS outlook 2007?


It is a common problem of MS outlook 2007. I have given you some solution to fix it.

Solution 1: for resolve this problem you have to change your default delivery location.

  • Click on the tools menu and go to account settings
  • Click the data file tab and create a new pst.
  • Select the new pst and set as a default link.
  • Then you have to close all programs and reboot your computer.
  • Press Ctrl+6 for finding old outbox and delete your large file message.

Solution 2:   You can use the “MFCMAPI” for recover the problem

  • Download and install the “MFCMAPI”
  • Go to the “session” menu and select “log on and display store table”.
  • Then click on the “MDB” option and select “open default message store”
  • Then select the account and right click on the “choose Open store”
  • You have to choose expand root container
  • Click on the outbox by right click and select open contents table.
  • Then right click your stuck or large which you can’t delete and select “Abort Submit and click ok dialogs
  • Gain you have to right click and select “Delete Message”

I hope your problem will be solved.

Solution 3:

  • Go to start menu and click on the control panel.
  • Go to the “ mail” And click on the “Email accounts”
  • Then double Click on the “Microsoft Exchange Server”
  • Pull up the check From “Use Cached Exchange Mode”
  • Close the entire program and restart your computer.
  • Open your outlook and then you can see that your large file has deleted.

Solution 4:

  • Go to the start menu and click on the run option.
  • Type “Outlook/safe” on the box and press enter.
  • Now open the outlook again and try to delete your message.

Solution 5:  Sometimes it caused for infecting of virus or Trojans file. Scan your outlook mail by a strong antivirus or firewall. It may solve your problem.

Solution 6:  If you can’t overcome this problem from the above method; then setup other windows or reinstall or create a new profile.

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How to delete an outgoing e-mail in MS outlook 2007?


Hello Alestrain,

An error on your Outgoing email usually means that your file was to large to send out that you have to send it as an attachment to compress the size of the file, in you case the file size it acceptable so it means that there was a problem in the server what corrupted the transmission of your file, to fix this just follow these steps:
1. Make sure that you have a stable Internet Connection, you can check this out by observing the lights in your modem, you can tell that you have a good connection or a valid connection when you see a green light on Internet.
2. Open your MS Outlook 2007, check your outbox and see if the email you are trying to send is still there.
3. If the email is there it means that there was a problem sending it.
4. Unplug you Ethernet adaptor from the modem and make sure that the Internet light is out.
5 If the Internet light is out it means that you have no Internet connection as of the moment.
6. Back in your MS Outlook 2007, delete the email on your Outbox.
7. This should delete the error in your application.
8. Once the email has been removed, plug back in your Ethernet cable to the modem to get you Internet Connection back.
9. Once the Internet light is stable and you have Internet Connection you can resend the email again.
10. This should solve the error happening.
I Hope this helps.

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