How to defrag on live Linux OS

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Hello Experts,

I am working in Linux Operating System. Actually, there is a little hassle of defragging Linux OS. I need support of you. Please give me suggestion on how to defrag on live Linux OS. If possible, show me image view.

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How to defrag on live Linux OS


Greetings Harriet S Ramos,

Linux systems don't need to defrag because Linux uses a more intelligent way of placing your files on the Hard Disk. I found this article for you that you can read and understand exactly.


So you can relax and enjoy one of the advantages of Linux.

Hope this helps you,


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How to defrag on live Linux OS

Hi there Harriet S Ramos,
Unlike Windows, Linux systems doesn't need defragment so that option is not included in any of the Linux editions. The reason for this is the way Linux stores the data on your hard disk. While Windows are placing your files in always the same order and not filling holes once the data is deleted, Linux is allocating data all over the hard drive and there is no need for defragmentation. Just in case your system needs to move the file to another place on the hard drive, due to a lack of space, it will be done automatically. 
However, there is a Linux native defragmenter. You can find it and download it on the link: It is a utility with no graphic interface and after unpacked can be accessed and run only via the terminal. All details about available commands are attached in the package.
Once again, even though the defragmenter exist, I would not recommend you to mess with your Linux that way as it really isn't necessary and won't make any difference in the performance.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian


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