How to create training plan in word?

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Hello experts,

How to create a training plan in word? Give me some idea on how making a training plan using Microsoft word or other word document related software. Just give me a step by step instruction to be followed. It is more than enough for me; I know you can help me.

Thank you.

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How to create training plan in word?



There are many ways to create or making training plan. The most important is if you have an idea of what type of training plan you are going to create and if you’re familiar the Word Toolbar like in the paragraph content, header footer section, pages section, heading styles and others tool then you can create your training plan.

But before you begin to your training plan you have to do some planning and make your own style. Hope I can give you an idea how to begin your training plan.

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How to create training plan in word?



Below are the six simple steps which gives you an overview of how to plan your training.

1. Set the objectives of the training:

Set the right objective i.e., to train for a new skill or to refresh them on new things which they do not know. What you want to achieve from them after the training? How are you going to assess if the training has met its objectives?

2. Who are you going to train?

 Are new employees being trained or older employees being refreshed on a certain skill set?

3. Who needs to be trained and why?

When decided on whom to train, you then need to get suitable training material to suit the objectives.

4. Pick the right kind of training program as the success depends on it. You can either make your own training material or buy from the company.

5. Fix the schedule

You should be aware of the peoples' spare time from their regular work to train. If they are new ones, you should have an oral discussion with them to check the time taken to train them before starting the work. You should ensure that the proper training was provided to them rather than spending less time just to meet the week’s target. You should set the training time after or before work hours so that the employees work may not get disturbed.

6. Now, set your plan into action with all suitable needs for the training program.

For a more detailed description, you can visit the website link given below:

Hope the above information helps you better.

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How to create training plan in word?


Hello Allison Davy,

First of all you should know what kind of training you want to do. It could be a research (a copy paste). Or type it manually (You're the one who'll provide the training instructions). Just copy paste/type on the Microsoft word. Then save it. There you have it.
Good luck. Hope this helped you.

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