How to configure a USB mouse with Mac

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Hi there! I have a problem with my Mac and I am hoping you’ll be able to lend me a hand. I just had my Mac a few days ago which makes me basically new. What happened was I plugged in my Targus mouse in the USB port and then I was prompted if I was replacing the keyboard; I ignored the message because I wasn’t replacing the keyboard in the first place. The thing is my MacBook Pro wouldn’t recognize the mouse at all. It seemed to be working though because the red light on the mouse was working meaning it was powered on but I couldn’t find any option for me to set it up. I got this mouse from my previous laptop that was running on Windows Vista so I was wondering of Mac only responds to a specific mouse? I’m looking forward to your answer. Thank you.

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How to configure a USB mouse with Mac


Hello Elvira,


Try to check the scroll function if it will work. If not, it means that the USB mouse that you are using is defected. Please check out the links below to solve your issue. All that solutions are effective because I have tried using in a while ago. I hope it might help you solve your problem too.


I'll be happy if you let me know if one of those solutions I gave you has worked.



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How to configure a USB mouse with Mac



This error can be occurring due to hardware error or software error.

1.   You can check whether driver is working properly by using the USB prober developer tool. Using this you can detect whether mouse is detected from that usb port.

2.   If the driver is malfunctioning call to vendor and check for drivers for your mac.

3.   Sometimes the usb port you using can be a under voltage therefore try with another port.

4.   If not work for both the error in software. So you have to go to Applications >>Utilities >>Disk Utility and give repairing permission.

Hope this will help you.

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