How to change my router password?

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Hey guys,

I want to ask a question please help me I need to get the answer as soon as possible please. Actually I want to change my router password. I know that it is already set by service provider but I want to change it. So please tell me-

1. If I can change this password or not &

2. If I can change t

Thanks in advance.hen do I need to take service provider help?

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How to change my router password?



It is not a very big deal to change user ID and password for your router. In fact, this is always recommended to reset your default credentials to enhance security. The steps for the procedure are as follows:

  1. Connect a computer to one of your router's Ethernet ports. Now log in to the router's administrative console or interface with the administrative credentials, within your router's default web address in the browser. You may get this information within router’s brochures or contact manufacturer. E.g. for DLink – it is or 
  2. In the administrative interface, go to the administration or security section, where you can see an option for changing the user id and password settings. See the example shown below;    
  3. Choose an appropriate, complex and strong password, which you can remember easily. Now type it in “new password” field and again into the “retype password” field.
  4. Now save the changes made to ensure the changes applies correctly.

Hope this information will help you. 

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