How can i update the BIOS of my HP compaq nc6000 noteBook?

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What i have to do to upgrade my Bios of my laptop??

my laptop is older and now its model must be out of market so how can i get update for my laptop? is there any way to get it?? where can i find the other drivers for the hardware of my laptop??

the drivers are out dated so its really necessary for me to get some update for those hardware.

so some one please give me some reference of some sites where can i find those software updates.

My laptop's model is HP Compaq nc6000 its little bit older laptop so i can't find the software and bios update for the Laptop …so please help me to find out.


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How can i update the BIOS of my HP compaq nc6000 noteBook?


Dear Pattinson,

BIOS on a computer is a critical component of the computer and we should exercise caution every time we update it since it is always the first program that runs when you turn the computer on. Technically, If the BIOS does not run, the machine cannot boot. Thus, it is most important that we update the BIOS of the computer properly. Interruptions such as power outage is the most common cause of BIOS update failure as well as the use of incorrect BIOS update for your system.

We need to make sure that this should be eliminated before doing the BIOS update. Moreover, before you update your BIOS, we would need to check if you have the latest BIOS version or not. To do so, we need to restart your laptop and once you see the HP splash screen, please press F1 and this should lead you to the BIOS menu. Locate the BIOS revision and jot down the BIOS version and date as this will help us identify the appropriate BIOS version you should download.
Now, let's go to your question.
You can download the latest BIOS and hardware update from HP's official download site, by clicking on this link

HP Compaq nc6000 Notebook PC –  Download drivers and software – HP Business Support Center It is necessary that we download it from the original source to avoid complications in the future for your hardware.

You may read the following material as well on why you would need to update the BIOS of this specific computer model:

HP Compaq nc6000 Notebook PC –  Mandatory BIOS Change on nc6000 Notebooks – c01206476 – HP Business Support Center

Consequently, another method of finding updated drivers and software for your laptop would be to go to and once on the site, click on support and drivers.

Choose download drivers and software (and firmware) and type in on the search box nc6000. This will take you to the downloads page and just choose the operating system that you are currently using. After that, you should see the list of all the drivers and software needed for your laptop.

After you have downloaded all the necessary files, such as your BIOS, we would now go to the update process for your BIOS. Just open the file after the download by double clicking on it and follow the on-screen prompts. After the update, restart your computer so that the latest BIOS will now be initialized.

In the event that you are getting a "CMOS Checksum" error in the process of updating your BIOS, you can reset your BIOS by accessing the BIOS menu "F1" after HP splash screen and pressing the "F5" key to restore it to factory default setting. Press "Y" if prompted for confirmation of default setting reversion.

Let your laptop reboot after that.

Hope the above helps!

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How can i update the BIOS of my HP compaq nc6000 noteBook?


Did some research and found two IP addresses where you can get links where you can be able to download drivers for your laptop. Or you can download a tool that helps to you to detect the drivers your computer has and from there you can be able to download the most compatible drivers.

Here is a link where you can get the Driver Detective.

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