How Can I Successfully Upgrade Microsoft Starter 2010?

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I was using my Microsoft Starter 2010 more than 2 years ago because it was only free in the market. However, it features are less than any Microsoft Office Versions. I wanted now to upgrade my software to Microsoft Office 2010 but it only has an Error in installing this. It has the same result in Microsoft 2013. What can I do to successfully upgrade my Microsoft 2010 to other Microsoft versions?

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How Can I Successfully Upgrade Microsoft Starter 2010?


Microsoft Starter 2010 is only for basic word processing and for computation of simple spreadsheet tasks. But it does not provide you all features that other Microsoft office packages have.

Upgrading to other office pack from  Microsoft Starter 2010 is really easy.You can upgrade it to any other packages you want. Let me explain how to do this in following steps.

You have to click on the Home tab of Word Starter or from Excel Starter.

Now click on Purchase button.

Now click to purchase Microsoft Office.

You need to follow the instruction step by step provided in the webpage.

This will help you to upgrade your office pack from Microsoft Starter 2010.

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How Can I Successfully Upgrade Microsoft Starter 2010?


It would be helpful to know the error message that you are receiving but, in any event, there are several reasons why you may be having difficulty upgrading a newer version of Microsoft Office.

As with any first step when installing a new product, make sure that your system meets the requirements of the  software you are installing. With Microsoft 2010 you will need to be using one of the following operating systems:

Windows XP 32 ibt

Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit

Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2

Windows Server 2008

Windows 7

If your system does not meet these requirements, you will need to update it before attempting the installation.

You can easily upgrade from Office Starter to another Office suite by following these simple steps:

1. In Word Starter, on the Home tab, click Purchase  and then select Buy Microsoft Office.

2. Follow the instructions provided on the Web page for purchasing an Office product.

Note: If you are upgrading to another Office 2010 product, Office Starter will no longer be available for you to use.

You might find it necessary to first uninstall Microsoft Starter 2010 before proceeding with the installation of Microsoft Office 2010 or a higher version.

To install Microsoft 2010, follow these steps:

1. Find your product key, which is required in order to install your Microsoft product. This is usually found on the CD package or in documentation that you have received when purchasing your product online.

2. Load your CD containing the Office software or download the installer from the Microsoft website.

3. Start the setup program. This will  usually begin automatically once you have inserted the disk. If it did not, you will need to start the installation by clicking on setup.exe found in the My Computer directory.

4. Enter your product key.

5. Follow the installation wizard as it prompts you through the required steps.

6. Once the installation is completed, you will need to activate your Microsoft product. This can be done online.

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