How can I set PC channel Elite TV for local channels?

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I got an Elite television card which I installed on my computer for viewing the channels. However, I realize that channel Elite TV only shows international programs and not the local ones in Abuja, Nigeria.

Is there something particular that I have to do to have it show the local channels?

Thanks a bunch.

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How can I set PC channel Elite TV for local channels?


Hi Fernando,

The first thing you will do is look for broadcast problems. Perhaps, you have a poor TV reception. When troubleshooting, make sure you have attached the TV antenna or cable cord to the TV connector of your Elite TV Card as well as the FM antenna to the FM connector to the Elite card properly. As shown below, place the antenna or cable to the first figure with the CATV label on it and the FM antenna to the second hole with an FM label on it, respectively.


Check also if your cable or satellite is working and make sure your tuner offers the channel you want to watch.

If the problem is still there, you may check using other applications such as Windows Media Center. Check the configuration of the card in Windows Media Center. On the Start screen, scroll to "Tasks", click "Settings", then "TV" AND choose "Set Up TV Signal".

Finally, you can restart your computer and enjoy watching.

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